Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Looks Good With My Eye Color?

 This is a guide to help educate you on what color eyeshadow pairs well with your eye color. This by no means is what you have to follow, this is just our opinion and our advice.

MOTIVES colorful eye pic
Blue Eyes: If you have blue eyes, try not to use blue eyeshadow. To much blue can just blend in with your eyes and not compliment them as nicely. Shades that are more earthy toned go very nice with blue eyes. Shades like brown, taupe and grey. To play with color, try a rose colored eyeshadow.

Brown Eyes: If you have brown eyes, you can wear pretty much every kind of color on your eyes. To make your eyes pop, use a pink or green colored shadow. If your eyes have little gold flecks, using a eyeshadow with shimmer in it will makes your eyes really sparkle.

Green/Hazel Eyes: If you have green or hazel eyes, purple will really enhance the color. Purple adds a nice dramatic contrast to your eyes. To give your eyes a more natural look, try warm shades of brown or colors with copper/amber undertones.