Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mac Starter Kit

Hey guys! So I am dedicating this post to any beginner with makeup, new to Mac or just looking for some advice when shopping at Mac Cosmetics. I by no means am an expert but these are the products I have that would be great for starters.

Firstly, for the face, I wouldn't recommend any foundation. I have never tried them but I hear they are very pricing and tend to be quite thick and break a lot of people out. In my opinion, it seems like they are used for more studio makeup for on stage, etc. And as for concealer, I haven't tried one either. I am happy with my drugstore one though so I don't have an opinion on that. Powder is what I am going to tell you about. The only powder I have tried from there is the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. This is a mineralized powder that can be used to set your makeup or be worn by itself. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

For cheeks, I have a blush. It is Well Dressed. It is a satin finish and is a light baby pink. I would definitely say this works on all skin tones. It has a light bit of shimmer that makes your face look youthful and glowy .

For eyes, Mac has some of my favorite products. Starting off with their Paint Pots. These are a creamy base to apply before you use eyeshadow or can be worn alone. I would suggest getting a skin coloured one for example Painterly or a neutral colored one like my favourite, Rubenesque. They are longwearing and come in other colours as well.

As for eyeshadows, Mac had a lot of choices and it can be a little overwhelming at first.I have three staple colours I would recommend. First one being, Naked Lunch, a shimmery champagne colour. All That Glitters, a peachy golden shimmery colour and lastly, Woodwinked, a golden brown shimmery color. These are all great neutrals to have in your collection.

Last but not least are lipstick's. I have two and I love them both. I have Shy Girl and Sweetie. They are both great colors and I would recommend them.

If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below.