Monday, September 2, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Shaping your Brows

Hey guys! Okay so today, we are going to be talking about your lovely eyebrows! When doing makeup they are often looked past and neglected but I'm here to tell you guys that they are the secret to fabulous makeup in general.

Basically, your brow shape your face. If they are neat and sharp looking, they will attract the eye and make you look more polished overall. If they are unruly and messy, chances are your eye makeup wont look as nice and your face can look a bit drab instead of fab. Down below, we will be showing you the several steps that are necessary to achieve a framed, polished face.

Okay so starting with shaping! Start by getting a makeup brush or a small stick. We will be using this to line up the points on your brows. Okay so stay by resting your handle of your makeup brush against the side of your nose vertically. This will show where your brow should begin. If there is any hair on the opposite side of your brow, it needs to go.

For the arch, align the handle with the bottom of your pupil. This will show where your brow should arch.

Now to end off, line the handle up at the outer corner of your eye. this will identify where your brown should end.

Tips for filling in your brows:

  • Always use a light hand
  • When using a pencil, make small hair-like strokes
  • Use one to two shades lighter than your hair color
  • You want the most color to be throughout the arch and the ending