Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY: Nail Polish Book

How to make a nail polish book....

Things you will need.
  • A empty notebook
  • All your nail polishes
  • A ultra fine black sharpie
Step #1: On the first page swatch about 9-12 nail polishes (depending on the size of you notebook)

Step #2: Wait for the nail polishes to dry then write the brand and the color underneath the nail polish swatch

Repeat the steps on as many pages as mandatory. Make sure all the nail polishes are dry before moving on to the next page.

The nail polish book is a great and easy to make project. If you hate digging through a drawer of all your nail polishes, swatching them on paper this will come in handy.

Hope you enjoyed the nail polish book. Hope you guys try it out. Leave a comment if you tried this out and it helped you .