Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Trends

Today, we will be sharing the basic fall trends of 2013.

The first trend is having Cateye liner. This is a classic look that everyone knows but is potentially a challenge to achieve. Our advice is to try your best and to also use a piece of tape, lined up with your lower lashline to guide your wing.

The next trend is also for eyes. Basically applying a wash of grey shadow is more popular than the classic smokey eye this autumn.

Another is just to have super flawless, matte skin. Dewy, glowy skin is what was fresh in the past but now, keeping your face matte is the goal.

The last trend that we will be sharing with you is very well known. It is sporting that berry, deep, wine coloured lip. If you find this hard to pull off, go for a gloss instead of a concentrated lipstick.