Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Dove Nutritive Solutions Burst Shampoo and Conditioner

Today's review is going to be about a shampoo and conditioner duo from Dove. We got these at Walmart for around $4 each but we did use coupons. We LOVE the body wash from Dove and needed a new shampoo and conditioner so we thought to try Dove just to switch it up.

The first few washes were good. My hair smelt amazing and was very clean. We only wash our hair every second day just to not dry it out. If we used Dry Shampoo on our second day hair, the shampoo would wash out all the product in the shower.

Now we are a little past halfway done of the bottle and I notice my hair is dirty after one day. I'm confused as to why at the beginning our hair would stay clean... but now it gets greasy quite often.

Overall, kindve mixed feelings for these products. I'm going to use a different set of shampoo and conditioner for now and maybe revisit this product.