Friday, April 18, 2014

MAC Playland Summer 2014 Collection

Just recently, Mac released their collection for Summer 2014! This collection includes pigments, casual colours, chromagraphic pencils, lipsticks and tinted lipglasses. This color collection is filled with bright hues of pinks and purples, corals and reds as well. 


This collection has 4 pigments; Ever So Yellow, a matte mustard yellow color. Hi-Def Cyan, a true matte sky blue tone. Neo Orange, a orangey red matte pigment and finally, Golden Olive, the most muted colour of the pigments and it is the only frost. 

Chromagraphic Pencils

Genuine Orange; a true pumpkin orange liner. Hi-Def Cyan; just like the pigment, a true sky blue colour. Black Black; a deep, plain black colour and last but not least, Process Magenta, a beautiful fuchsia, magenta colour. 


The colours of lipsticks in this collection are just gorgeous! Playland; the name of the collection and the most unique colour in the range, a frosty gold. Sweet Experience; a milky, light baby pink. Happy-Go-Lucky; a fuchsia/ bight magenta colour. Head in the Clouds; a red with a silver frost. Toying Around; a coral toned red that is a easy way to pull off a red toned colour. Lastly, Red Balloon; a more plum/ berry colour, the most wearable in the collection in my opinion. 


Bright Side; a sheer yellow with gold shimmer. Lots of Laughs; a light sheer coral and Carouse; a creamy milky baby pink. Live it Up, the orange colour in the collection and finally, Pure Silliness; a creamy, opaque berry colour. 

Casual Colours

Can be worn on the lips or as a bright pop of colour on the cheeks. For your amusement; a milky baby light pink. Young at Heart; a bright magenta toned pink and thirdly, Hi Jinks!; a beautiful orange/ coral shade.