Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Mac Eyeshadow Seedy Pearl

Today we will be doing a review on Mac's eye shadow in the colour Seedy Pearl. We have recently been LOVING this colour ever since we received int in our Mac package. It is a beautiful light purple colour that has a iridescent pink and gold undertone. This shade is great for the person who wants to try a pop of colour, try getting into purple eyeshadows or even just would like a new all over the lid colour.

We pair this shade with Macs Satin Taupe in the crease or even just blending Macs Wedge into the crease for an even more natural daily eye look. This colour and all purple shades look amazing on all eye colours and especially make green eyes pop!

Overall this shade is a must try for everyone! We bought it spur of the moment and ended up loving it. Let us know below if you would like more reviews on certain specific eyeshadow colours from Mac or other brands :)