Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Lipstick Trends

Hey guys! My post today will be about some of my favourite, and in my my opinion, the best lipsticks during the summertime. The weather is now warm so it's time to break out the bright bold colours!

First, anything orange! This is a major trend for the summer, a bright summer captures the warmth of the sun but is fun and flirty. Some great colours are Mac Toying Around Lipstick from the Playland Collection or Revlon Unapologetic Colorburst Matte Balm is a great alternative from the drugstore. To continue this trend into the fall, go for a deeper, less neon shade.

Another hue which is always in for the summer are bright, hot pink fushia colours. My favourite is Maybelline Fushia Flash Color Vivids but if you would like a high end product, Bobbi Brown Cosmic Raspberry is a great one too.

The last trend I will be talking about today is purple! This is a fave of mine and I feel so bold and unique when rocking a bright purple lip! The one I love is Mac Heroine. It does look quite dark in the tube but on my fair skin it looks bright and almost neon.