Friday, September 19, 2014

Review: Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

Hello everyone! Today I have a review for you all! Recently, Essence Cosmetics sent me a few goodies in the mail. For those of you who don't know much about this brand, here in Canada, you can buy it at Shoppers Drug Mart. For you makeup junkies in the US, I think ULTA is the place to go. This brand is also sold all around the world so go check out there website and select your country to find out where to buy these amazing makeup items!

So another important, amazing thing about this brand is how inexpensive they are! Today I will be reviewing their Long Lasting Lipsticks. Let me just tell you.. these are AMAZING!! They can be purchased for $3 and are incredible! I am trading these out for all my Mac Lipsticks! I have 6 different colours and I love them all equally. These lipsticks come in a very large shade range so you are bound to fine something you will enjoy.

All 6 Lipsticks Swatched
The beautiful stain left behind from the nude shade! 
The feel of these lipsticks are very creamy. They apply super smooth and don't drag on the lips during application. Another good thing is that they will not bleed out of your lip line and leave a mess behind. What they do leave behind is somewhat of a stain. Which in my opinion, it is a positive thing. This is one of the only lipsticks that leave a stain behind that is opaque over the whole lip. Most of my lipsticks, when they wear off, leave a not so nice ring around my lip line.

Overall, you can't beat these lipsticks! They are super smooth and creamy. They are only $3 and the shade range is fabulous! They leave a gorgeous colour on the lips and they last long as well.

Lip Swatch of the Gorgeous Cherry Red Colour