Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How To: Depot Mac Blushes

Hello Everyone! Today I will be showing you how to depot your Mac Blushes. For Christmas, my sister got me a palette from Mac so I could transfer my blushes in the compacts, over to a sleek, travel friendly palette. 
I started off with my regular blush from Mac in the little pot. I used a pairing knife and wedged it right in between the black part and the purple part as you can see. I used a limited edition blush here so you can see the demo better with the purple and the black, compared to Mac's standard, just black.  

 I just wiggle my knife back and forth a bit in the space there and it will lift out and pop right out.

After that, I take the little part that popped out and I set it on my flat iron on a piece of wax paper, or parchment paper, it doesn't matter. I leave it on my flat iron for a few minutes. 

 While that is doing it's thing, I cut out some circles on a sheet of adhesive magnetic tape. You need this to put on the back of the pan afterwards so it will stick in your palette.

When you are waiting for the pan on the flat iron, you will know when it is ready. You can pull it off and you will see a little ring forming in the center on the bottom. That is where the plastic has started melting.

All you have to do is pop your pairing knife in the center and push. If you have a hard time, put it back on the iron to heat up again but the pan should be pushing out from the other side by now. 

BE CAREFUL!!! The pan is VERY hot and you can burn yourself very easily. I just push it, pop it out and let it cool off on another piece of wax paper. 

Next we want to get the sticker off the back of the compact so you know what shade of blush you have. 

I just simply hold the compact on the iron for a few seconds and it melts the glue a little bit for me. Then you can just peel it back. 

I then place the sticker from the original blush compact onto the magnetic side of the magnet paper circle. 

Then you can stick the circle onto the back of your blush pan and you are good to go!