Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Pressed Bronzer

Hey guys! Today I have another makeup review for you on a product that has recently become a holy grail makeup item for me. I use it almost every single day and have been absolutely loving it! If you haven't already guessed from the title above, it's going to be about a bronzer.

Today I will be raving about the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Pressed Bronzer. I picked mine up on sale at Shoppers Drugmart for only $12.99. That is such a great deal because at Walmart, this exact same bronzer is priced at $17.99...and I thought Walmart was the cheap place!!

So let me start off my telling you my history with bronzer. When I first got into makeup, many years back, I was devoted to watching makeup videos on YouTube and would generally buy mostly everything people talked about on there. Even if I only had watched one review, I was convinced. So my first bronzer purchase was NYC Smooth Skin Sunny Bronzer. Now let me tell you, that bronzer was ORANGE. It looked incredibly fake and just horrible. Ever since then I have been scared to add bronzer to my daily makeup routine.

After watching many more than just one bronzer review on YouTube, this one seemed to be popping up in everyone's favourite videos and I now know why! It is absolutely perfect! The shade is neutral so it isn't going to look too warm toned (orange) or too cool toned (grey). It really looks like you've just spent a little time in the sun. It shows up just enough on my light skin but you could definitely build it up for some more colour.

Also, look for a special mail in rebate for $10 back on certain Physician Formula Bronzers. I mailed mine in and it virtually made my bronzer $3!!