Monday, September 7, 2015

How to: Make Eyebrow Tweezing Less Painful

Hey guys! A question I get asked quite frequently is how to make the daunting task of tweezing your brows, hurt less.
Personally, I have been tweezing/waxing my eyebrows since I can remember. I was unfortunately blessed with a lovely dark brown unibrow at the age of 9 and believe me, it was waxed off by the time I was 10. I'd like to thank my mom for not letting me face the world with a caterpillar between my brows for too long. That being said, eyebrow hair removing can be a painful task and today I am going to share four tips to help ease the pain. 

Tweeze right after a shower! The warmth and steam really helps to open up your pores so the hairs will slide right out when tweezing. If you are in a pinch numbing the skin with ice is also a option in a time crunch.

Tweeze in the direction that you hair is growing. This also helps with allowing the hair to slide out better. It also will prevent ingrown hairs.. yes believe it or not, they are possible around your brows.. YIKES!

Another important step to pull your skin taught when tweezing your eyebrows. This will help ease the pain and you can also apply pressure to the area after plucking out the hair. Gently pulling your skin taught will also prevent you accidentally plucking at your skin. Ouch!  

The final tip is to always use sharp, slanted tweezers. This will result in easy grabbing of the hairs without nicking your skin. You can also flip the slanted tweezers around to use the pointy end to really get in there for the stubborn baby hairs. Those are the worst! 

Thanks for reading guys! Leave me comment down below with your embarrassing eyebrow stories! 
~Mademoiselle Maquillage xoxo