Sunday, December 20, 2015

Benefits of Exfoliating

We all know that the dry, cold months are quickly approaching, even if we don't appreciate them. I am taking this opportunity to share with you, the benefits of exfoliating!

Now if you are unsure of what I mean by exfoliating, exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. This can be done many ways, for example; a body or face scrub, a facial or chemical peel or manually with a dry brush. Exfoliating is very helpful all year round but today, I am going to share why it is so important during the cool months ahead of us. 

1. Absorption of other products

By removing off the dead skin cells, the fresh subtle skin is exposed. Therefore, your oils and creams that you would apply after your bath or shower, can really soak in and absorb into the skin. This allows you to get the full benefits of the moisturisers as well.   

2. Shaving = 100000 times better 

Using a body scrub prior to shaving your legs can do wonders. This ensures a closer shave to the root of the hair, which will lengthen the regrowth time of the hair. It also makes your legs super smooth and shiny before a big event, for example; a holiday party. 

3. Get a more even fake tan

Many of us still want that bronze goddess look all year round, exfoliating before self tanning will ensure your product will go on smoothly. This prevents any blotchy patches or product built up on the skin.

4. Preventing acne

Including a face scrub is essential when it comes to a beauty routine. Exfoliating of the face will unclog pores to really clean the out and prevent blackheads. 

5. Smoother makeup application

Scrubbing off the dead skin cells on your face can also make a soft smooth canvas for your makeup to be applied onto. This will prevent your foundation, concealer and other face makeup from looking cakey on the face,