Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back To School Fashion: Accessories

Accessories are great for all seasons. They are both fun and easy to wear. There are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and scarfs to choose from. You can wear them with everything. All accessories can add perfection to your outfits. Don't over due the accessories, you got to be careful. If you add too many it makes your outfit to over done.

Necklaces are great. They are awesome and look good with almost anything we would suggest not to wear them with graphic tees though. Necklaces are really nice, you can buy different designs and colors. You can wear diamond ones or pearls or you could wear plain chains with pendents. You could also wear just the plain chains by themselves.

Bracelets are good to wear. There are different kinds of bracelets. There are pearls and beads and even bracelet that are just a strip of fabric. They come in different patterns and cool colors. Bracelets are fun and easy to slip on, on your way out the door.You can even make your own bracelets.Some people make friendship bracelets or if you have a bead kit meant for making bracelets you can too.

Rings are really good to wear in the summertime. We prefer to wear them in the summertime ,springtime and the fall because in the winter they get covered up with mittens. Rings are sometimes difficult to pick out for other people. It is hard because if you are buying one for someone else because you don't know what there ring size is. But if you are buying a ring for yourself it is alot easier.

Scarfs are fun and pretty to wear. We like fashion scarfs.Wearing fashion scarfs in the winter is great because they keep you warm and stylish. In the summer it is two hot to wear them so we like wearing them in the winter and
 some times in the fall. When you wear a scarf you should usually wear them with a plain colored shirt because it might look "too busy" if you wear them with a patterned shirt.

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Earring are a easy way to add something to your outfit. For everyday wear we would recommend wearing some small stud earrings but for a night out or special occasion, we suggest wearing bigger, dangley earrings. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and are great for all ages.