Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Drugstore vs. High End Cosmetics

We think that drugstore cosmetics are just as good as some of the cosmetics that are high end or name brand. Drugstore cosmetics are at a lower price, they are easier to find and they aren't getting enough recognition. In our opinion, drugstore products are a better choice.

Drug store cosmetics are better then high end products because they are inexpensive. For example an eyeshadow from Walmart is $4.99 and an eyeshadow from Mac is $14.99. Even though high end products are better made, drug store products won't break the bank.

Drug store products are also more accessible. When we say more accessible, we mean easier to find. If someone recommends a product to us, it would be easier for us to whip over to a drug store. We realized that high end brands have unique products but, with make up, less is always more and that's what the drugstore has to offer.

Drug store cosmetic brands don't have alot of money to advertise their products. High end makeup brands have more money, so they use it to advertise. This is why you see more high end cosmetic brands in magazine ads or commercials.

There are lots of reasons why drugstore cosmetics are better. Overall, drugstore products are just the cheaper alternative over the high end products. Use your brain and not the bank, and go buy some drugstore cosmetics today.