Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Nailpolish Trends

Here are our favorite summer nail polish trends that will have you looking hot and fabulous!

One of the most popular trends in nail polish this summer, is everything and anything that is neon. Neon nail polishes are very bright and really make your nails pop. These nail polishes are great for summer because they make a statement with the bright sunny weather.

Pastel nail polishes are very light and easy to paint. They are very good for spring and summer. They provide nice color and not as bright as neon's. So if you like painted nails but not to vibrant, pastels are the way to go. Some of our favourite pastel colors are pinks, purples and some of the light blues. We also like mint greens. They remind us of Easter.

Glitter is another good kind of nail polish. It reflects off the sun and is a great summer trend to wear with neon's. You can buy it so it is a nail polish that is fully glitter, or you can buy it as just a glittery kind of a top coat. Glitter can come into a bunch of different colors. For example if you have pink nail polish then you might want pink glitter.