Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I Got for Christmas: Beauty

Hey guy! Christmas just past and I thought I would share all the beauty related products and items I got this holiday season. I am very excited with what I got and I am thankful for the gifts and the thought that people put into them :)

The first thing I got was the Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette. This is something I have wanted for a while but never thought I would buy it for myself due to the price. I thought it would better to ask for it as a gift from someone else. As some of you may know, they is the original Naked Palette as well but this one seems to have more wearable and neutral colors which is exactly what my makeup style is. It offers several shimmery colors, some glittery ones and a few matte finishes. Overall, I love this palette for its color payoff and quality.

Pinned ImageThe next thing second thing I got was a 8 piece Luxury Brush Set from Costco. Its the brand Kirkland which is their brand. I bought it today with my Christmas money but I am gonna include it in here too. I was looking for some new makeup brushes because mine are all miss matched and old and dirty and I thought I would treat myself to some new ones. I looked yesterday when I went boxing day shopping but I didn't find anything I liked. I found these when I was in line and picked them up for around $20. I have yet to use them but hope they are good.

The next thing I got was the Justin Bieber Someday Perfume. I first smelt a sample of this in the shoppers drug mart flyer last year when it first came out but it was quite pricey and I didn't like it all that much then. I thought it smelt good but not amazing but this year I asked for it and I love it. It is the perfect scent for teenage girls or for any beliebers out there :)

The last beauty item I got was another perfume. It's the Areopostale Hailey Perfume. My sister got this for me and it is like my favorite perfume. I go through at least 3 bottles a year and ask for it for every birthday and Christmas. This year it came in special limited addition packaging.