Monday, December 30, 2013

The Naked 3 Palette!!

Recently, for Christmas I received the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette as a gift. Today, I will be talking a little about the palette, the colors and if I think you should get it. Also, I will compare it to the first and second palette in the series as well. 

Okay so to start off, the Naked 3 palette was launched in late November and became available through Sephora early December. This making it a great gift to give during the holiday but, something very hard to get your hands on. I pleasantly got it as a gift for Christmas and have been testing it out, playing around and creating some looks with this palette. 

The first thing I did was compare it to the other palettes in this collection. I do only own the second palette but I know what the first one is like. So the original Naked Palette is warm toned for sure. Has lots of browns and neutrals that are great for everyday wear. The Naked 2, was leaning more on the cool side in my opinion. The colors were more smokey and grey like toned. Now with the third edition, it is completely different from the first two. These are 12 brand new shades, never been used by Urban Decay before. The Naked 3 palette is rosey toned with lots of pinks and shimmery colors. This palette also has the most mattes out of any Naked palette and also has the most glittery shadows out of the three palettes as well. 

At first I didn't know how the pink toned shades would look on me but I find them very flattering. They pair beautifully with my green eyes but on my opinion, it would look great on any eye colour and completion shade. 

Overall, if you want to try something new or know these kinds of colours are for you, I would try it out for sure. Hope this information helped :) 

Talk to you soon.