Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hey guys! I was requested by a lovely lady to do a blog post about all things contouring! I was very excited yet taken back by this request.. I didn't even really think I had a technique but now that I have thought out the steps of my routine, I have a pretty good idea now.

So to start you will need;

  • an angled contour brush
  • a matte bronzer (shade depends on skin colour)

For me, the hardest part is finding a good product/shade and also, not over doing it. In my opinion, makeup is meant to enhance your features and define features so by no means should you be creating a whole new face shape. 

  1. Start out by lightly swirling your brush into the powder. I use NYC Bronzer in shade: Sunny. It is affordable and I find it doesn't look too orangey on my light complexion. 
  2. Next, I locate my cheek bones. You can do this by making a fishy face and where your face indents on your cheeks, is where you want to apply the bronzer. 
  3. After that, I brush the colour back and forth into the hollow of my cheeks (indents from fishy face) TIP: Don't bring the colour past your outer corner of your eye. Anything past this point, looks unnatural.
  4. And Voila! A natural and easy contour. You can also dust a bit of bronzer onto your temples and around your hairline on your forehead to pull the whole look together.