Thursday, June 5, 2014

Makeup No Buy! :)

Hey guys!!! I hope you enjoyed my #LipWeek and #EyeWeek on my blog these past 2 weeks. I didn't plan on doing one for the face but I will if you would be interested.. comment down below if you are!

I was posting today to inform you on something I am doing and I was hoping you would do it with me! For the whole month of June, I am promising to not buy ANY makeup. Makeup remover and skincare is fine if it's a necessity but all makeup products are a no for this month. My birthday is in July so I decided I would save some money and splurge on some Mac Makeup around my birthday.

This is a great way to save money up, shop your stash, discover products you never used or simply finish up products! That's my case. I was looking in my makeup collection and I noticed how much makeup I was almost finished. Foundation, blush, Mac Mineralized Skinfish Natural! I have enough products to back to Mac now too! :)

So I hope you guys take on this challenge with me!!