Monday, July 21, 2014

My "On-the-Go" Makeup

Today I will be sharing what I bring with me on the go as far as makeup and beauty products. I think it isn't necessary to bring a ton of makeup with you on a daily basis and if you feel that you need even less than me, feel free to adjust it to your liking.

This first product that is a must; for me especially is some sort of pressed powder. I am very oily and it's nice to remove the shine throughout the day. My favourite is Mac Skinfinish Natural because it doesn't make your makeup look cakey. Also, just a reminder is to bring a little brush or powder puff to apply this powder.

Another item that is nice to have in my opinion, is an eyelash curler. This may not be needed for everyone but I have very droopy lashes so it's nice to just perk up my lashes throughout the day. It makes your eyes look more bright and can make you look more awake.

An eyeliner is another great product to have with you on the go. Adding a little eyeliner can define your eyes for a night out if needed and could even be blended out on the lid to create a cream shadow look.

For lips, I would bring something nude or pink, something that will go with all eye looks. Just incase you forget your lip product with you, you have a universal shade to go with any eye look you may have!

An extra that is nice to have is blotting papers. They can absorb oils on your face but if you find that your foundation or concealer is settling or creasing, blot with the paper and it will instantly smooth the harsh line.

That's all that I bring with me on the go! It's fast to use in a pinch and step up my look :)