Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 80's Palette

Hey guys! Today I have a super exciting blog post for you. I was recently sent the Eyes on the 80's Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics to test out and show you guys! I am pretty new to their brand and am looking forward to playing around with these shadows and creating some looks with this palette for you all!
To tell you guys a little bit about this rad palette, it features 30 eyeshadows that vary from matte to shimmer. The colours are inspired by the wild and funky decade; the 80's! BH Cosmetics describes this palette as "Go back to the totally awesome era of the ‘80s! Use this radical eyeshadow palette full of wild and bold colors to create your very own pretty-in-punk style".

First Row of the Palette: Matte Bold Neons
Second Row: 5 mattes, 1 shimmer
Third Row: Nice mix of shimmery and matte blues
Fourth Row: Wearable, soft and shimmery pinks and purples

Last Row: Neutral warm and cool toned browns

Top: Purple shadow by Itself  Middle: Purple layered on Purple base  Bottom: Purple base by itself

My overall thoughts on this palette are positive and optimistic! This palette has eyeshadows in every colour of the rainbow and also a few soft, romantic neutrals. These neutrals can make the other bold shadows very wearable and are great to incorporate into all of the looks created. In my opinion, the shadows are great by themselves but to kick them up a notch, adding a coloured base underneath makes them pop even more! I am normally a neutral shadow kind of girl but I enjoyed having the opportunity to play around with these colourful shadows. This palette has allowed me to venture out into the world of bold colours, eyeshadow wise! Overall, this palette is worth checking out if you wanna start out with colour due to the large variety of shades to choose from! Whether it's for special occasion purposes or if you are bold enough to wear it everyday, I give this palette a big thumbs up! Thanks BH Cosmetics!!!