Sunday, September 14, 2014

First Impressions: Mac Itchy&Scratchy&Sexy Lipglass

Hello everyone! Today was a very exciting day for me! This is the day my Mac Marge Simpson Lipgloss was coming! If you are a makeup junkie, or a Mac fanatic, then you know the excitement of ordering from limited edition collections!

This is my very first Mac Lipglass and I'm quite impressed. As you may know, I am not really a lipgloss fan. I prefer the texture and pigmentation of a lipstick but I might be a fan of both now. The consistency is quite thick and i feel like it really hugs the lips. It is somewhat sticky but still comfortable to wear on the lips. In my opinion, the thick texture prevents fading and ensures that the gloss lasts long on the lips.

2 coats applied
As for this shade in particular, Mac describes this shade as an "Electric Blue Violet". Personally, I agree. I can detect subtle blue and pink shimmer throughout the gloss but it isn't very noticeable on the lips. This colour can be applied sheer for a wash of colour or built up for an opaque purple lip. I prefer to wear it sheer and thinned out but i love the intense unique colour the opaque application gives.

I'm so happy I purchased this lipglass. The packaging is adorable and the gloss itself is very nice. I can see myself picking up more the future :)

Sheered out on top
Thick on the bottom