Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Direction Makeup

Have you seen this new makeup product yet? if not, I'm here to inform you! One Direction has their own makeup line coming out! For all my young readers, this is right up your alley but to others this could be a collector type of thing instead.

There are three sets to choose from now available for purchase at Macy's. They are $28 each per set. If you just take a look at the the makeup products that are part of these sets, the $28 price ends up working out to about $4.60 per product, not to mention the special packaging that is autographed by each of the members of the band. 

Now Markwins, is the brand behind these makeup sets and this idea but they are also behind all Wet n' Wild product as well. I am a huge fan of makeup from Wet n' Wild so this makes me confident in these products. 

You can purchase these at Macy's and Dillards and they just released so you better go grab them while you can.