Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Lorac Pro Palette 2

Hey guys! Today I have a super in depth review for you all on a new product! I just recently purchased this last month when I went down to the states. I bought this at Ulta and it was around $42. That is a steep price in my opinion but I knew I couldn't buy it back at home therefore, I justified my purchase.

Prior to buying this palette, I had looked up reviews and watch makeup videos about it. I had seen and heard many mixed reviews. Some people were loving it and others, not so much. Sadly.. I am one of those people. I tried SO hard to love it but something about it just isn't cutting it for me.

Some things that I do love about this palette is the packaging itself. The case is sleek, lightweight and looks very crisp and clean. It is compact and great for travel.

The shadows themselves are super pigmented! The most pigmented shadows I own in my makeup collection. They are buttery and super smooth when swatched.. and that's where the positiveness ends...

These shadows produce SO MUCH fallout. The most I have ever had occur to me. The dust tends to get into the other shadows and makes an unpleasant mix if I plan on using the others in my eye makeup look.

My number one problem with this eyeshadow palette is how hard the eyeshadows are to blend. I start by applying my lid colour, then I add my crease colour and it ends up patchy. It's like where ever you place these shadows down with the first touch, that's where they are staying. Blending is a nightmare with these and it makes me not want to use this palette that often.

Like I said, I love how pigmented these shadows are but the blend-ability just made it too difficult for me.