Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: MAC Crazed Imagination Blush

Hello everyone! Today I have a review on a new blush from Mac. It was just released a few weeks ago with the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection. I was lucky enough to pick it up before it sold out and today I will be sharing my thoughts on this product, with you. 
So to start out, this blush is the same size as Mac's other powder blushes. This blush does have limited edition packaging which is Rocky Horror themed. This factor also makes the blush a tad more expensive but only by a few dollars. 

The colour of this blush is a muted, brown, plumy shade. It is perfect for the fall time and Mac couldn't have released this at a better time to be quite honest. This fall I have been very into the deeper shades compared to last year so I am happy I snagged this blush. 

One thing to watch out for is that this blush can end up looking like your cheeks are bruised. This is not a flattering look, therefore I have figured out a simple solution. When applying, place the blush more downwards towards the hollows of your cheeks. This is where you would contour. The more blush that is on the apples of your cheeks, the more funny it can look.

Overall, I am super pleased with my purchase. The packaging is super cool and the colour is great! You are very lucky if you could pick this up in time before it sold out.