Monday, February 16, 2015

Review: Rimmel Provocalips 16H Kiss Proof Lip Color

Hey guys! Today I have another review for you on a product I recently bought and fell inlove with! This is from Rimmel and it's the Provocalips 16H Kiss Proof Lip Color. I purchased mine from Target for $7.99 and i have the colour I'll call you. It was a little hard choosing the colour because the tube isn't see through. So just because the packaging is one colour, doesn't mean you will get that exact same colour on the inside, but they are pretty close.

The reason I bought this product is because I like matte lip colours a lot and the idea of having something transfer proof that you could eat while wearing or kiss your significant other, without it coming off or wearing away is mind blowing. 

The idea behind this is that you apply the colour from the one side of the tube, you wait a minute for it to get super sticky and tacky and then you use the balm side to rehydrate your lips and add the glossy shine back. In my opinion, you could wear it matte as well but the balm will improve the longevity of your lip colour as well. 

Overall, my thoughts are super positive. I think they have a good colour range or shades for everyone and the idea behind this is awesome. Many highend companies have come up with lip stains lately but this is the first drugstore product that is similar to the more expensive ones.

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