Thursday, March 19, 2015

Health & Fitness Posts! Something New!

Hello everyone! Today I am writing my first post relating to health and fitness. I believe that beauty isn't just about the makeup you put on that looks fantastic, but also how you are "au naturel" and how you feel about yourself. Feeling confident and comfortable with your body is it's own beauty.

Many of us struggle with body image and weight related insecurities which can sometimes make us feel.. not so beautiful. So I would like to do a few fitness and health related posts to help you guys get on the right track and really have a good base to start off with. You can't use things (makeup) to mask yourself, you must be confident, because you, yes you reading this post right now, YOU ARE GORGEOUS! 

Over the next little while, I will be sharing workout plans, meal plans, ways to get creative while working out and by popular demand, recipes.If you have any other requests on what posts you would like to read, let me know down below!

Look out for a smoothie recipe at the beginning of next week!