Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Mac Cinderella Lipstick "Royal Ball" / Mac Rant

Hello everyone! Today I have a review for you on a new limited edition lipstick from Mac. It is from the latest Cinderella collection that was just released last week. I picked up the colour Royal Ball which is a nude/light pink in a lustre finish. It is quite sheer as the formula suggests but still gives pretty good pigmentation once applied on the lips. The formula is moisturizing and smooth but it does make the fine lines in your lips more prominent. This lipstick wears well for around 3 hours without eating and drinking.

Blue and Pink Iridescent Tube 


Hand Swatch

Lip Swatch 

For most of us, these limited edition Mac Collections are more of a collectors thing. To be able to collect makeup with different packaging and that are unique is super cool. Lot's of the times though, these collections aren't very practical and that's the case with this one. Although the other products in this collection are all neutral and practical for us light skin ladies, what about women of colour? This collection sadly won't do anything for darker people which in my opinion, is disappointing.

Mac has been releasing tons of collections lately but in my opinion; quality over quantity! 

Have you been disappointed with some recent Mac collection purchases? Let me know down below!