Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Strobing 101

What the heck is strobing!?! After just mastering how to slim down our face by contouring, makeup trends take a sharp turn and contouring is out the window for this summer. But let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, highlighting is here to stay!
Strobing is the new fancy word for highlighting... but like highlighting on steroids. This is perfect for summer since glowing, bronzed skin looks most natural. 

Some points on the face to highlight to achieve strobing are:
  • bridge of the nose
  • top of the cheekbones
  • under the bottom lip
  • cupids bow (above upper lip)
  • center of the forehead 
  • under the brow bone 
This look can be achieved with cream products if you have dry skin and powder products if you have oily skin. Anything that is a light shimmery shade that will reflect light is perfect! 

Happy Strobing! <3

Talk to you guys soon!
~Mademoiselle Maquillage xoxo