Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wax Melts 101

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing my latest obsession with you all! Now I know, it doesn't pertain to beauty and makeup but I'd really love to share this with you guys!

Lately, I have been in love with wax melts!! If you are unaware of what these are, it is basically a wickless, flameless candle. You warm scented wax in a melter to release scent into your home! This is a much safer option instead of candles. They still give off a gorgeous scent, without the risk of harming loved ones from the open flames. This is also essential for anyone with pets.

Okay, so the warmer that you use, can really make or break the scent throw. (How strong the scent gives) Warmers come in many different wattages and heat temperatures. One of the most popular warmers uses a tea light in a bottom section to warm the wax on the top section. These still use a form of flame to melt the wax, but the flame of the tea light is enclosed in the bottom compartment.

The other kind of warmer, and my preferred type, features an element with a plate resting on top. I can easily clean out the dish by removing it off the element and this method requires no flame to heat the wax. This type of warmer is the most kid and pet friendly. The particular warmer I am currently using is from Glade. They are available to purchase at your local Walmart and always have $5-$10 coupons out, available for use with your purchase!

The wax that you melt in the warmers can be purchased and found at many different places. You can purchase at a store like Walmart or Target as well as popular candle companies like Yankee Candle. Wax may come in a "clamshell" which will hold 6-8 cubes of wax.  The company Scentsy is also very well known for having clamshells. Depending on the size of the space you'd like to scent up, you can pop in 1-2 cubes to heat in the warmer!

Wax can also come in a tart shell shape! These are popular from companies like Yankee Candle. In this case, you can just pop the whole tart in the warmer to melt and release scent.

Talk to you guys soon!
~Mademoiselle Maquillage xoxo