Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Thoughts on the "No Makeup, Makeup Tutorial"

covering up acne 
Beauty videos on YouTube have essentially taken over the beauty community. Either it's a product review, collection video or a haul, YouTube is the most popular community for learning all about makeup. The most popular type of videos being tutorials, where you can learn how to apply makeup on yourself and others.

I, myself have a special place in my heart for makeup videos. Nothing like curling up in bed on a Friday night watching "MakeupByTiffanyD" or "emilynoel83" blend out a sexy smoky eye. For that reason, I LOVE makeup videos, just girls like you or me, sharing their amazing talent of makeup.

changing facial features is not "natural" 
Lately, a new popular video has become one of the top searched makeup videos on YouTube; "The No Makeup, Makeup Look". This is where the "beauty gurus" on YouTube film a video tutorial about how to apply makeup to look like you aren't wearing any. They start the video off with "This is a natural look, perfect for a simple date or even just going to the grocery store." 

In my opinion, this "Makeup Look" is really just hiding your natural beauty. A lot of people wear makeup to hide or change their features, but when you are so unhappy with yourself that you can't go barefaced to the grocery store... that is an issue. Nothing is natural about false lashes and contoured cheek bones. 

I think this video needs to be called something else. What about "Simple Day Time Glam"? Something that doesn`t hide that fact that we are still wearing makeup, and essentially just hiding ourselves.

Talk to you guys soon!
~Mademoiselle Maquillage xoxo