Sunday, October 11, 2015

Summer to Fall: Makeup Tips

Blackened Plum Lip Colour:
Colour for the bolder of us :) 
Hello everyone! Long time no type. Along with the fact that I have been absent for a small period of time, the leaves have also been changing in that period of time to. We all know that changing leaves = autumn = changing makeup!!

Personally, I adore the deep, dark, vampy colours of fall time makeup/fashion, but like many, I haven't always been as comfortable rocking them in public. Today, I have a few recommendations on how to change up your look for the changing seasons, as well as where to start when trying dark colours.

Berry/Pink Lip Colour:
Easier to wear!

Now we pretty much all know, the most common "change" is the deep, vampy lip colours. Either it's a lip stain, liner or traditional lip stick, every makeup company has dark lip colours to choose from. My first tip for beginners is to either start with a tinted lip balm or apply a very sheer layer of the lip product, versus building it up. Another option would be to choose a more berry/pink shade compared to a almost black purple/cherry colour.

Another easy change is the eyeshadows you wear! For example, choosing more warm toned browns in the crease and orangey, copper shades on the lid make for a festive but wearable look. You can also deepen up the outer corner of the eyes with dark shadow or smudge a little shadow underneath the lashline as well.

Also, don't forget the classic cat eye!