Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fitbit Charge HR Review

Hey guys! Today I have a review on a new gadget I've been using that I got for Christmas this past year. My wonderful mother gifted me the Fitbit Charge HR in the gorgeous plum shade.

Flex push closure on left vs.
Charge HR watch band closure on right
The design of the band is very sleek and slim. I originally thought it looked very thick but I have since loved the convenient size the Fitbit offers. I find it perfect to view the screen yet small enough where it won't get in the way throughout my day or while working out. The band has a watch like closure which I much prefer over the other Fitbit products. My cousins has had hers fall into the toilet from how easily the band on her Fitbit Flex opens, this is why I especially love the design of this one.

I have always loved pedometers just for counting my steps but this little guy will follow how many flights of stairs you have climbed, how many kilometres you have walked, your heart rate and will also count your calories burned which is especially helpful if you log what you eat through the day into your phone. Another addition that I adore is the ability to add an alarm that will vibrate on your wrist, as well as being able to track your sleep. It is great to set for work or school as well as when to take medications or accomplish other daily tasks. Ever since starting a full fitness routine, I have loved using the heart rate option to see what heart rate zone I am in. It helps me get my heart rate high enough to ensure I am burning the calories to loose body fat.

My final thoughts on the Fitbit Charge HR are that I love it. I would 100% recommend it a workout junkie or someone who needs the extra motivation to get active. I love how I can set the alarm and also have the basic feature of a watch, telling the time. I love how I can use this along side my app on my Android too! Overall, very good product!