Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Impressions: Covergirl Clean Liquid Makeup Foundation (Sensitive Skin)

Okay so you guys are probably why I have another foundation review up so soon. Well turns out, the other one ended up not being my right color. Somehow it oxidized throughout the day and turned orange. So, I purchased this one instead. 

I purchased this at target for around $7. I got it Sensitive Skin only because I didn't know if my face would break out or not so I hoped this formulation would be better. So far, the color is perfect for me. It blends very nicely as well. 
This foundation is lightweight coverage so it doesn't just mask over your face. You will see your major imperfections. I find this a pro for my skin though. It is still young and clogging my pores all the time is definitely not a goal of mine. 

A con for me is that it is quite thick. I find the consistency fine on my face but it's very hard to get out of the bottle. Therefore, I use a q-tip to scoop a little out and I use a makeup sponge to blend it into my face. 

Overall, this is good for anyone looking for a foundation that isn't heavy. It keeps me not shine free throughout the day which is nice as well.