Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fake Mac Makeup!?!

Hey guys! So it was brought to my attention on Pinterest actually, that lately Fake Mac Cosmetics have been a problem many people are getting them selves into. I always knew there was fake stuff out there but now is it becoming very popular.

In the news, a little while back, they had been informing people about Fake High End Cosmetics and their were Cancer Causing Ingredients in some of these cosmetics.

One website for sure that has Fake Mac and that you CANNOT trust is.... http://www.ladymaccosmetics.com/other-brand-c-39.html

I found this one through Pinterest and it was advertising Mac Eyeshadows and Lipsticks for $5-$7. I clicked the website link, curious, and discovered how desperate people are. I could tell right away that this was fake by the products themselves.

Online Outlet wholesale mac hello kitty liquid foundation 50ml<-------- For example, these foundations. They are being marketed as "From the Hello Kitty Collection" well if you know Mac, they didn't release foundations with the Hello Kitty collection from a few years ago. Also, Mac doesn't release a full new line of foundations with a character or somebodies collection. It's always in it's own collection.

My advice for you is to keep a close look out and don't be fooled. Using common sense helps a lot.. like no high end makeup would EVER be that cheap unless it's at their Outlet store like the CCO.

That's all I have for you guys today! :) leave a comment below telling me if you knew about this scam or how you have avoided it!