Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Hey guys! Today I am coming to you with a review for a moisturizer from Clinque that I have been trying out for the past 3 months. I had been eyeing this prooduct from Sephora for the longest time but ended up finding a mini travel size in the CCO so I picked it up there.

An important thing to note is that there are 2 different formulas to this. There is the Lotion and the Gel. The lotion is targeted for dry skin and the gel is meant for oily skin. I knew I was buying the lotion and I knew I had oily skin. So I didn't have an issue with that because I had tested them both in Sephora and they felt very similar to me.

So as for my thoughts, I am disappointed. I wanted to buy the big version when I first started using this but then I realised it didn't even moisturize that well. Keep in mine I DO have oily skin, so I am wondering how this would manage to moisturize dry skin.

Overall, this product was okay. I will finish up the travel size but due to the thin texture and non moisturizing results, I won't be repurchasing this product.