Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unique Ways to Workout

Hello everyone! Are you tired of doing the same workout routine every single time you decide to work out? If so, you might want to stick around, and read about how you can make your workout more fun and enjoyable.

The Gym is the most standard traditional way to work out. I'm not one to go out to workout very often but it is a nice option sometimes. I like that you are in an environment where you feel motivated. You also have access to all the special equipment that you might not have at home. For me, a downfall with the gym is the price. Even a membership will run you anywhere from $25-$40 a month depending where you go, therefore it isn't the most cost effective choice in my opinion.

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Another way to work out while having fun but still strengthening and toning your body are the blogilates workouts. A super talented girl runs the website and plans all these super fun, awesome workouts for you and me! The thing I enjoy about blogilates is that you use your own body to provide resistance when working out. Therefore, you don't need all these super fancy weights at home, just to see results. Right now I am working on the 30 Day Sleek Arms Challenge and I really enjoy committing a small part of my day to toning up my body.

One of the more recent ways I have been enjoying working out is following workout videos. They have ones based on yoga or my personal  fave, “The Biggest Loser last chance workout”. I can work out in the comfort of my own home and not feel embarrassed if I look funny doing it!