Sunday, June 21, 2015

MAC Haul: Snob Lipstick

Hello everyone! Today I Back-2-Mac'd for a free lipstick! Now if you are unaware of this program, all you need to do is bring in 6 MAC containers that have plastic on them to redeem for free products! If you go to a mac counter, for example in The Bay or Macy's; you can redeem for a free lipstick. If you go to a pro store, which can be found in many big shopping malls, you can redeem for a lipstick, lipglass or even eyeshadow! If you have any other concerns, I recommend checking out Mac's website for more specific information. 

So today, I returned a lipstick and 5 blushes for my free lipstick! WooHoo!! Thanks to depoting all my blushes and placing them in a palette, having 6 empty products wasn't that difficult! 

So the lipstick I chose was the colour Snob. Mac describes this colour as a "light neutral pink" and I think it is an appropriate daily lipstick colour for many skintones. Snob is a satin finish, which is my favourite finish from Mac. It is almost matte looking on the lips but still has a creamy texture. Unlike a cremesheen finish, this has a bit of "slip" but will stay put. I find this finish very low maintenance! 

Natural Light

As you can see, in the photo taken with flash, the colour shows up more purpley. On me personally, it pulls more blue based which can make your teeth look whiter, but if you are more warm tones, this could pull yellow based. "Neutral" like Mac says. I personally would describe this as a "light lilac-pink".
With Flash

If you haven't tried Back-2-Mac, I would check it out. It's very rare that Mac has sales so take advantage of this and get free products!

My question for you guys, is if you know of any good matching lipliners to go with this lipstick! I love a clean, crisp line when rocking my lippie!